This is a list of some of the best tipsters and system providers around today. They might just be able to help you take a few pounds off the bookmakers!! Just click on the name and you will be taken straight to their site, and the process of taking cash from the bookies can begin.
Bet Angel

Bet Angel is the ultimate automatic trading and betting platform for Betfair and Betdaq.
Betting System Reviews

Betting System Reviews give unbiased and accurate reviews of betting systems and software

False-Favourites is a complete course in how to operate a lay betting system, PLUS it describes a comprehensive system showing just how to make a steady profit from laying 'false favourites' to lose.
Four the Win

Four the Win is a horse laying system that boasts consistent high profits.
Grey Horse Bot

Perhaps the best known of all the automated betting software. Set it in motion in the morning - pick up your winnings in the evening.
High Stakes Bookshop

This company stocks a really comprehensive selection of publications on every conceivable aspect of sports betting.
Jadwiz Racing

Jadwiz Racing give you a printable and online Form guide with ratings. In addition, you will find the 'Dark Horses' to follow. Jadwiz Racing also publish Racecourse Specials and Exclusive Systems, and a system watcher to help you track their systems.
Laybot Pro

Automated Betfair betting tool. Just set it in the morning and leave the rest to Laybot Pro.

A racing system for lay betting on horse racing. Some excellent profits claimed by the producers.
Punter Profits

The aim of Punter Profits is to make the punter a consistent profit from horse racing.
Racing Traders


Producers of BetTrader, one of the most popular Betfair betting and trading platforms available today.
The Staking Machine

Originators of the 'Bet Tracker' and 'Staking Plan Optimisor' software. Designed to give the investor all the tools they would ever need in one amazing software package.
Turf Talk Racing Tips